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Flowers for Businesses

The Flores no Cais service dedicated to companies. Explain us your company’s needs and we will solve them.
Use our floral arrangements as business gifts that make a real impact and leave an unforgettable mark on your business relationships.

Flowers for Business

Tell us what you need, we'll help you make it happen

At Flores no Cais we want to go further and that’s why we offer services for companies. You can surprise your customers, employees or fill your office with fresh flowers.

We give you some ideas below, but we are open to hear yours.

Some suggestions...

Do you need ideas?


Surprise your customers

Send a bouquet of fresh flowers to your best customers. Reactivate customers by sending them flowers with a catalogue of your new offers.


Give gifts to employees

Congratulate a birthday or the arrival of a newborn baby with a bouquet of flowers. Show a gesture to someone who needs it.


Add colour to your office

Decorate your office or shop and add a touch of colour.
Place flowers and plants in your hotel or restaurant to create modern and colourful spaces.