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We look for professionals to help us unravel the smiles of our customers.

Two stores in Montijo, Almada and Online.


More than 13 employees and growing.


Among flowers, plants and decorative pieces.


Flowers to celebrate life

Flowers have been part of our social rituals for a long time and continue to play an important role.

Whether at a seminar, wedding, lecture, or on a birthday, they are always present bringing grace and beauty to the decor.

Therefore, at Flores no Cais we believe that flowers should be present in the best moments of life.


The passion for flowers

Of course, technical knowledge is essential for you to stand out in the profession.

But first of all you have to like flowers and be familiar with them. It is also necessary to have manual skill, creativity, whimsy, detail, know how to communicate well, have empathy, be attentive, know how to compose pieces and harmonize environments, like decoration, have good taste, practice and show good aesthetic sense.

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